creating delicious imageries for bachir the authentic lebanese ice cream

July 17, 2018

BACHIR, A traditional Lebanese ice cream company, established in 1936, started as a family business making ice cream at home and grew to become the company we know today.

Bachir’s core mission was pleasing guests through an experience that exceeds their expectations. However, it needed to be revealed to all potential audience and ice cream lovers out there.

Hence, the company partnered with Mario Daou the Lebanese food stylist and photographer, who played his role to the fullest and gave the company an image that reflect the taste, look and feel of the traditional authentic Lebanese ice cream they serve.

It was challenging, Ice cream is probably the most difficult food to photograph. Most foods can sit in front of the camera for minutes while the photographer makes his adjustments, but ice cream will only last a few seconds.

For years now, Mario Daou have been working with several food businesses and have come to learn all the ins and outs of what is necessary to create quality photos of all types of food, and can quickly turn any ice cream swirl into a delicious photo that looks as good as it tastes.

Mario Daou: Your audiences are visual creatures.
Professional photography makes a difference throughout the online and offline experience of your audiences, when your business presents itself in a professional manner, your outlooks and customers will begin to identify you in the way you intended.