Gandour Delicious world

June 19, 2019
Food photography for Crew Hut Beirut

Gandour, a market leader brand name that stands for over 160 years, with products that have created a nostalgic relationship with the Lebanese audiences. Known for its strong experience in producing nutritious flavorsome snacks, candies, sweets and wafers

Following its tradition which is making candies & sweets that will create memories to its consumers, Gandour company partnered with Mario Daou the Lebanese food stylist and photographer, who in his turn responded to this partnership by creating imageries ensuring a consistent and stylized approach that mirrors the quality and essence of each piece of sweets.

Food photography for Chef charles azar & CaféMatic

To deliver imageries that people love, our photographer had to create moments to cherish. His inspiration unfolds from the ability to see the complex simplicity and essential beauty of Lebanese ritual and history within each Gandour product.

Each photo makes it easy to feed your inner child, delivering a feel of the tasty, mouthwatering authentic old-fashioned candy, reminding us of childhood memories and the sheer joy we felt from a simple sweet treat.

Mario Daou obsession with detail, passion for lighting and shadows are the defining attributes of his work on Gandour project. Images which visually enhance brands are his trademark.

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