It’s all about the details in food photography!

January 7, 2019

One of the things that makes food photography a successful art form is that it can show food in a different way to the viewer. As a food stylist and photographer, Mario Daou notice small details, weird coincidences and the small twists of each food type. He uses many tools to capture his subject matter in a different way: a variety of lenses, changing angles, different exposures, and many of his styling techniques

When it comes to creating jaw-droppingly stunning images, food styling is crucial my friends! It’s an art of making food look appealing and attractive in front of the camera! It’s like creating a painting, a clever brushstroke or a pop of color, may introduce an interesting angle. It’s what makes people drool when they look at your food image. But it’s not only making food look pretty.

It’s all about visualizing the taste, waking up all the senses! Our task is to ignite the viewers imagination so they can imagine the food’s color, texture, shape, and even feel the fragrance.

According to a new research from Michigan Ross Professor of Marketing Aradhna Krishna who pioneered the field of sensory marketing, which blends the studies of marketing, psychology and neuroscience, it turns out you can imagine a smell by looking at a picture— at least in your mind and they call it “Smellize” and that imagined smell can trigger an increased desire for the food. The research has important implications for the multi-billion-dollar food advertising industry.

The research is a proof that by getting up close and personal with our food photographs and focusing on each detail, we can show our audience imageries they can feel and experience and create a sense of vitality.