August 24, 2018

The human eye is designed to spot movement, so when you see a picture and something in it is moving, it captures your attention and focus.

When the main topic is food styling, we’re always used to immediately witness a sophisticated and artificially confectioned dish before our eyes.

However, our food stylist and photographer Mario Daou built a food styling scenario where we can’t find an already prepared meal, but we see the food thrown in the air – up, down, in any direction prepared to fall into the plate to be transformed into a wonderful dish with the help of some magical hands.

Instead of offering a meal beautifully cooked, we give the audience a good feel of the ingredients in motion and let their imagination do the rest. Whether it's a step-by-step walkthrough of a new recipe, or advertising your latest food creations, nothing tells a story like "motion".

The food in an image is fairly another thing from food on a plate in front of you, thus our photographer has the challenging task of recreating the many sensations that draw us to a good meal – its warmth, fragrance, the anticipation of taste, using only one of the human senses: “The Sight”.

Mario Daou releases the food from the motionless plate. He captures them in motion, crashing and splashing into each other, bringing them to life.