Arts in Grand

September 24, 2018

What makes a movies night or a trip to the theatre even better? I think we all can relate.

You can only imagine, the theater is dark, the film is rolling, your mouth is watering and filled with food stuff. Nothing goes with a movie as well as popcorn and a refreshing cold drink. Plus, it seems like chocolate and treats can enhance any situation, not to mention sushi is always a pleasure. These foods and many others you find at Grand cinema will boost the entire movie experience.

Being the leading cinema chain in Lebanon, Jordan, Kuwait and Bahrain, Grand cinema partnered with Mario Daou the leader in food styling and photography to enhance the vision of what makes movies nights taste better.
Mario Daou helps clients in the culinary worlds by capturing the passion and craft behind their brands through simple yet elegant still and motion imagery.

Working with grand cinema took a totally different direction. It was a challenge by itself. We wanted each photo to make the audience taste, smell and sense, since people choose their food based on how they emotionally see it.  With the photographer high expertise in food in motion, flying popcorn was one of our first choices to capture and many others to follow.

The Food stylist and photographer:” Culinary businesses partners with me, because I’m always hungry for creative challenges; There was a significant amount of artistry and creativity in all the elements that came together to make each photo for Grand Cinema.”