Alliance for success: photography project for Grand cinema & Duo Restaurant.

November 23, 2018

As we previously talked about our partnership with grand cinema, with the purpose to enhance the taste of movie night experience,  Another project has been done and this partnership continue to work more effectively with the collaboration of the famous International restaurant Duo.

With Mario Daou’s food styling and photography expertise, Duo restaurant irresistible quality of food and Grand cinema lavish movie experience, astonishing work has been done.

Our photographer drew inspiration from DUO restaurant concept: a true home away from home” since there is always a story behind every image he takes. What story? A story that everyone will see differently.”

A professionally captured photo of a freshly prepared meal can make all your senses go wild. Mario attempted to show the simplicity and freshness of the food served by DUO in Grand class in each photograph. His goals are to create ambiances and feels while showing the best-in-line elements to deliver impeccable visionary work.

Mario Daou the Lebanese food stylist and photographer: “I love food photography, the preparation, the styling, the pleasure and all the wonderful things associated with it, every project I take is a new challenge, opportunity and story to tell.”